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Each Installation Includes 

Water heater
Remove/Haul away old tank
2 New copper water supply lines
Reconnect existing vent
6 Year water heater warranty

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q: What types of water heaters does your company install?
A: Residential and Commercial, as well as, Tankless water heaters.

We install all gas, propane, and electric models.

Q: What size water heater does your company install?
A: We install All sizes of water heaters. The most standard

sizes are 40, 50, 75, and 100 gallons.

Q: Can you install the same day?
A: Usually yes. All of the most common water heaters are stocked

on our trucks along with all required connectors and fittings.

Q: Is it possible my water heater may only need a repair?
A: Absolutely. The very first thing the technician will inspect is if the

water heater can be reapired. If the tank is diagnosed as unrepairable,
he will recommend an appropriate replacement.